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A Proposal For The Carolina/Clemson Rivalry

Originally posted on Thoughtful Gamecock:
Those of us who have grown up in the state of South Carolina know the rivalry between the University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers for what it is:  one of the most bitter, emotionally supercharged and longest-running rivalries in all of college sports.  Those who have…

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I wrote more shitty poetry… took a picture and posted it to Instagram… where you should follow me, by the way @brotherarson . You might have found that picture and this blog post via twitter where you should also follow me @BrotherArson . Of course, if you got this far from Facebook… you can add …

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On the paperwork

On the paperwork, I always mark “other” I do this to not disrespect my mother, or her sisters Hanne und Christa who are as much Aunties to me as Joan, Rhett, Fran and Mamie-Lee. Or my cousins, Simon, Jonathan und Franciska Who are as much my cousins as Alfon,  Eric and Aliska. On the paperwork, …

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