Shitty poetry for a Pretty woman.

So… sometimes I write shitty poetry. Recently I came across a video on YouTube and it inspired me in that moment to do something… well, artistic! What follows is the video I saw… and the shitty poem which it inspired!

My broken ship conducts me still toward the call
Of a siren despite its tattered sails becalmed
And no supplies for sustenance on hand.
Long I’ve journeyed from my homeland
In search of fate or providence.
And purely by coincidence
The surf discharged me at her feet.
Beside her voice, now clearly heard and twice as sweet,
She held the sea and sky in her gaze,
The heavens set her hair ablaze,
And what from rosey lips eschewed,
From graceful fingertips did too.
While much about her will have been
Good cause for pious men to sin,
Even if struck blind, I know
Her beauty’d make the breezes blow
That cool my brow late in the night.
And so I’d sleep in the reflected light
Of that moment cast toward the moon from far away.
In similar conditions do I now relay
The awe with which I first beheld,
The overwhelming joy I felt,
When she reached out her hand to me
And drew me from tempestuous sea.

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