Dear Egypt

Dear Egypt,

Imma need y’all yo do better! You had civilization millennia ago! I just saw on the news, one of your people throwing damn javelins off a rooftop! Don’t get me wrong, he was huckin’ them sumbitches with some force but, he was throwing javelins off a rooftop! Listen, we were all happy when you rose up and kicked out Mubarak. Fucker looked like an Egyptian Emperor Palpatine… acted about as evil too! But I (personally) am gonna need y’all to act like the civilization builders you used to be. Seems like ever since the Library of Alexandria burned down, you’ve been acting foolish. As a people, I’ve got to believe you’re better than this. Hell, you were a world power almost three thousand years before Rome was the empire we all remember! I wouldn’t dream of blaming Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon his name) but, when y’all were pagans, you were the envy of all the world! I’m just sayin’! We still marvel at the incredible civilization you used to be!  You’ve got it in you to be great again. Learned scholars, scientists, builders of a great tomorrow for all mankind! But, you have to start by calming the fuck down and figuring out how to govern yourselves peacefully, without the revolutioning, and the military ousting, and without the guy on the news throwing javelins off a rooftop!




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