Nothing Better To Do

I’m at that point where I’ve run out of things to legitimately occupy my time but, I am so far from tired! This is the aimless wandering time. When my mind tends to come up with good ideas. The problem is, I never have the energy to follow through with them at the same time. So, I figured, if I write something for you all, maybe I’ll find my idea and just be on a roll to keep working on it.

Sometimes, I spend this time throwing myself down YouTube holes. But, last night, I did what I do most often when I’m alone! NO! Not that! What I do is, talk to myself. Trust me, I know, it sounds strange. If I could afford it, I’m sure I would benefit from some psychiatric help. But, let me assuage your concern. I’m not doing a Gollum/Smeagol type thing. I’m more… imagining a conversation with someone else and giving them the responses I might give in such a situation. Anyway, last night, I was laying in bed (unable to sleep) and I imagined I was in bed with a beautiful woman. I won’t say who, not so much for their benefit but, just to protect myself from a degree of embarrassment should she ever read this (not likely, but still). Anyway, I’m imagining laying in bed with this woman and I start talking about my writing, and the characters, and who they’re based on. Eventually I get around to suggesting I write something new with a character based on her in it. Something different from the kinds of things I’m writing. Less sci-fi/fantasy. Again, I know! You’re thinking, “Oh great! Another idea for a book he’ll probably never actually write!” I mean, I wish I could tell you different. At any rate, it was a good idea. That’s more the point of the story! I have good ideas around this time of night.

That fact got me wondering! What is it about this time, that makes that happen? Some people call it “the witching hour”. It’s that time of night when things are quiet. The proverbial “they” say it’s psychically calm! Like a clear water lake with no ripples, it allows you to peer into the depths of… whatever! Why can’t it always be like this? Why can’t I make it be like this for myself?

I’m going to ponder that a while… maybe have another conversation with that beautiful woman on the subject. In the mean time, when do you feel the most creative? Is it a time? A place? A specific set of circumstances? Let me know, maybe I’ll steal it from you and use it for myself! (I promise to thank you in the foreword of my first novel if what I stole from you works for me!)


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