To Protect the Innocent

I’m still editing myself with this blog. I wanted to write about drinking… but I’ve already done that! HERE! So I considered writing about my fear of becoming an alcoholic…. which would require examples that I don’t want to share! So, I figured I’d talk about not wanting to share examples.

I don’t use names of people in this blog. Mostly because, unlike me, everybody I know is a “respectable” member of society. Gainfully employed, religious, or in stable relationships. These are people I like and care about! Telling stories from our shared past, might very well cause some problems for them if it ever got publicized that my stories were about them! There’s enough in these blog posts for people to know when I’m talking about them! And if you know them well enough, you might catch the reference too! But by and large, I don’t want to “put them on blast” as the saying goes, so I leave names out of it. Likewise, the opinions expressed in this blog don’t exactly jibe with the higher ups at my job. You won’t see my name on this! You won’t see the name and address of where I work. You could probably figure it out if you looked hard enough. But, truth be told, I’m putting a degree of faith in you that you won’t rat me out. The anonimity is more to prevent simple Google search hits on my site when the bosses are looking for news about themselves!

So, all that means is, sometimes I don’t write something interesting. Sometimes I write a rambling little disclaimer about why I’m not writing about something else! Mostly, this is just so that I can say, I wrote something today! Maybe tomorrow, I’ll have that drink and Hemingway it up for you guys!


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