Summer Reprieve

It’s a lovely time right now! Rainy, cloudy, temperature under Eighty-Five degrees! It’s July and I’m not roasting yet! Combine that with my quadruple fan set up and I’m downright chilly! I’ve had diamond cutters all day and I haven’t even been in a movie theater. I am loving this! I hate the heat that will undoubtedly come! That oppressive, blast you in the face when you walk out the door, solid wall of rippling air heat! Combine that with being in the American Southeast… that means humidity! You literally feel like you could drink the air… chew on it even! If you’re hot you can strip down. Most people do. But at some point your buck ass nekkid. And still hot! And don’t even get me started on the sweat! I’ve ruined shirts, sheets and seats with sweat stains!

It’s all coming! But for today, I’m enjoying this glorious reprieve from the torture that awaits me!

What about you? Anything uncharacteristic or unusual about today that you really appreciate?


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