Get Up Stand Up

I really need to learn how to get out of bed when I wake up… the first time. Today I lost a good three hours of… productivity? Time I could have used to… oh I know! Do laundry! or write! or read! or exercise, maybe! or… something! Anything!

I could argue that the dream I had was worth it, but I don’t know that yet. We’ll see if the short story about a Navy man who gets sent back in time and almost accidentally kills himself but, doesn’t, and goes further back in time to meet his best friend and take his awesome burger recipe and make it famous and make millions and millions of dollars, is at all interesting to you.

If you read that story, and you like it, then screw productivity. If you read it and don’t like it… well, it’s not likely that I’m going to stop rolling over and going back to sleep after I turn my alarm off either way, to be completely honest with you! So there’s that!


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