Monthly Archives: July, 2013

Critters Big and Small

Generally speaking, I like to think I know my place in the world. I don’t swim in the ocean cuz I don’t want to offend the sharks who run that place. I don’t shit in the woods (unless I absolutely have to) lest the bears be displeased. I don’t go tromping around in the desert …

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Racist Underwear

I’ve never seen white boxers! Ever! Boxer-briefs on occasion come in white, but mostly they’re in colors! I’ve never seen briefs that weren’t white! Underwear are racist!

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Restaurant Kitchen Hell

Sorry for the break. I was writing other things… and reading… and porn. At any rate, here we are today! I was thinking about going out to eat tomorrow, and then I caught an episode of Restaurant Impossible. Now as much fun as shows like this and Kitchen Nightmare are… it really does put you …

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