What’s your favorite movie?

Not “What’s your favorite scary movie?”. I’m not going to put on a mask and try to stab you! But I do actually want to know! What is your favorite movie? I ask because it’s actually a difficult question to answer. It is for me, anyway. The problem for me is two-fold: mood and memory. The answer changes from day to day. Hell! It changes from hour to hour! But if I put a little thought into it (as I’m about to do), I think I can come up with at least a short list!
That’s the other problem! We live in a world so inundated by media, it’s almost impossible to pick one of anything! And it doesn’t have anything to do with being non-committal! The truth is, if you can find one thing that affects you in a particular way, you can most likely, if you look hard enough, find another thing which affects you in much the same way! (Remember this statement a little later when I answer the question) I’ve seen a lot of movies… A LOT! For the most part, I’ve enjoyed them all. I admit, on some occasions I have had to force myself to sit through them until the end. But that’s not the fault of the movie, it’s more about my being fidgety and having a short attention span! In the end though, I find myself happy about having seen the movie.
The worst I can say about any movie I remember is that it was well made/well performed. “But what if you don’t remember it?” you ask! Considering that I said my problem with picking a favorite movie is partly a problem of memory, wouldn’t the worst thing I could say about a movie be that I don’t remember it? No, I remember damn near everything. What I mean by memory being a part of the problem is that the title sometimes slips my mind. “That movie, with that guy, and they did that thing!? That’s my favorite movie!” Sounds disingenuous doesn’t it? But it may very well be true! Which is the other part of my problem. Mood! Sometimes I don’t want to be scared or challenged or sad or happy or excited or whatever I don’t want to be in that moment.
Sometimes I want a brain-dead shoot em’ up movie, with minimal character development and a lot of (generally unnecessary) explosions. Bad Boys 2, Shoot Em Up, any action movie with Schwarzenegger or Stallone. If I’m in that mood, I can watch a Die Hard marathon and be perfectly content.
Sometimes I want a movie with that moment (usually near the end) that makes me shed a tear. A manly type tear. Rudy, The Last Samurai, Field of Dreams. Sports movies tend to be particularly good at this… We Are Marshall! But nothing comes to mind at the moment (see, memory) that beats Armageddon. Harry Stamper saying goodbye to his daughter! I’m liable to “get something in my eye” just by thinking about it too hard!
Sometimes I want some downright epic hand to hand combat! Enter the Dragon/Game of Death, Gladiator, Rocky IV. But, if I’m in the mood to read subtitles, it doesn’t get any better on this front than Ip Man. Trust me, if you haven’t seen it, it’s so worth the time/money/effort. The scene where he straight up wails on ten guys at the same time… (this is where you picture my eyes rolling up into the back of my head to denote ecstasy)!
Sometimes I want a proper psychological thriller. The Number 23, BASIC, The Devil’s Advocate. Something that’ll make me think, keep me guessing, goad me into trying to figure it all out myself. Something recent, a low budget passion project, actually takes this category for me. “Sexy, Evil Genius”. It’s so much fun! With the exception of some flashbacks (including one in which Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Trachtenberg make out) it’s just people sitting around a table talking! Again, I can’t recommend this movie enough!
And that’s it! My favorite movie… or at least the one I feel compelled to claim as such, is a lot like “Sexy, Evil Genius”… minus the flashbacks. It’s literally people sitting in a room and talking! If you watch nothing else I’ve mentioned/recommended in this blog, watch Jerome Bixby’s “The Man From Earth.” I haven’t seen anything that’s more simple and yet infinitely engaging and thought provoking.
So, I really want to know! What’s your favorite movie? If you’ve seen any of them, what do you think about the one’s I’ve mentioned here? Anything you would recommend to me (if you think I haven’t seen it!)?

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