A Case for Eugenics

I often think about what I would do if I weren’t concerned with “the daily grind”. I think about the languages I’d learn and the places to which I would travel. And as the amount of money that allowed my flights of fancy grows, I think about the things I would do for the world. Research facilities dedicated to curing cancer, or Alzheimer’s, understand autism and cure that too. I’d find a way (pay people to find a way) to feed the world and explore the stars. Unfortunately, the best I can do is dream of a world where that kind of thing happens. I’m far more concerned with my own problems. My own desires. But one thing that I can do is provide the world with the best possible continuation of my genetic material. Understand this! I do not, in any way, support state run eugenics. Nor do I care for the historical use of eugenics to “purify” a race. Defined, it is simply

 the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp. by selective breeding.

The idea that the quality of the human race is improved by homogenization is ridiculous. Now, as an individual I would like to think that I could contribute something useful to successive generations of humanity through my offspring.

As a study of genetics, dogs are extremely useful. For thousands of years they have been bred to accentuate certain characteristics. Each breed is essentially designed to excel at a particular task, in a particular environment. The problem is, that certain unfortunate characteristics are simultaneously bred into the breed i.e. the many ailments which plague English Bulldogs .  Which is a large part of the reason that I don’t understand people whose preference is to date exclusively within their own race. I mean, I get that you like what you like. But, in all honesty… you’re not changing anything by reinforcing certain genetic traits. Most beautiful women (from my perspective) tend to be a mix of something. So if I were to pass on my genes, what would/could I pass on? Genetics is a complex field and one in which I don’t claim any expertise. However, it seems as though I could, at least, provide for the greatest probability of the desired traits by choosing a mate who has those traits. Particularly desirable traits would be the ones that I do not possess but would benefit from. Let’s go through the list, shall we?

My teeth are crooked. Simply put, there’s not enough room in my jaw for all the teeth I have (or “had”). This is a common issue among humans. As we have evolved and eat less plant matter, there is less need for the grinding molars and our jaws are smaller. While we can correct for this… it seems that the genetically ideal offspring would not need such corrections. Which is why I think a woman with an angular jaw line and a wide smile (Jeri Ryan or Claudia Black are good examples) would offer a better chance at producing offspring with the desired trait. I also have astigmatism. So a woman with 20/20 vision and little or no history of cataracts or vision impairment in her family would serve as an ideal mate. I have sometimes described myself as being a bit “overweight”. This is mostly because of my own laziness, but a high metabolism in a partner couldn’t hurt. In a previous post, To My Future Wife, I mentioned that my ideal future mate might be half Asian/half Latina. Between that and my being half African-American (which is sprinkled with a bit of Dutch)/ half German, we could produce the next Tiger Woods. Hopefully with a better moral compass and stronger family values, but that’s a matter of Nature vs. Nurture. Which raises an interesting point. While Eugenics is generally accepted as being geared towards selective breeding practices… there is always the opportunity for Social Eugenics. We generally seem to operate on a system of Social Darwinism… where one group or idea or cultural norm dominates over others. But if we actively pursue cultural norms that better humanity (like “cannibalism is bad” or “liberty is good”)  isn’t that similar to Eugenics?

Basically all I’m saying is that if it’s up to me I want a half Asian/ half Latina wife and I’d raise my children to value intelligence, logic, loyalty, respect, honor, and passion. If I can’t have the first part (the wife I want), the second part is a perfectly valid goal in life!


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