Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Are You Really A BBW

If anything you are about to read offends you, I sincerely do not care! This simply must be said and I refuse to apologize! Sensitivity is the enemy of honesty! And on this subject, we are in dire need of honesty. Ladies! We need to seriously address the meaning of “Big Beautiful Woman”! If you’ve …

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Men Are Talking

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus! An inocuous cliche meant to illustrate that men and women are different, or more specifically that we communicate differently! If only I had a writing partner of the opposite gender so that this blog post could compare and contrast! Alas, I’m just a guy and, in all …

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Boobs, Knockers, Melons, Fun Bags, Sweater Puppies, Chest Cushions, Gazongas! Whatever you call em, Breasts are awesome! And I don’t just like Tig Ole’ Bitties! I like em big, small, perky, “vine-ripened” and everything in between. That being said, like any discerning connoisseur there are certain qualities that appear in the full range of Milk …

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