Monthly Archives: August, 2011

I Have Wept

I have wept For how small we really are How far we have come and how far we have gone I have wept For all we have done To one another And for all we have done For one another I have wept For what we will achieve For what we may not get the …

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BE PREPARED 2: Rise of the Machines

When the first nuclear bomb was detonated, Robert Oppenheimer quoted the Bhagavad Gita saying, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!” Unless you’re Hindu, that’s probably the only part of the text you’ve ever heard. In our time, this is what we learn about one of the fathers of The Nuclear Age. But lost …

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The Price of Poon

I have admitted before, and I will do so again here, that I occasionally cruise craigslist looking to get laid! What I’ve learned from this exercise in futility is that I’m not successful enough, in shape enough, white enough or gay enough to get laid in South Carolina! Very disheartening, I know! But, what I’ve …

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