Monthly Archives: February, 2011

Broken Promises

Now…you needn’t  worry! This won’t be a serious blog post about relationships and integrity and all that mushy kinda stuff! As always, the things I write for you here are meant to entertain, and if the subject matter is serious, trust that there’s a healthy bit of “tongue in cheek”-ness to it…more or less! But …

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One Misquote Can Ruin My Whole Day

When I think about an average day in my life, it’s really rather boring! I wake up whenever. I eat crap for food. I go in to work. I come home and waste an untold number of hours on the internet. Like right now…I haven’t been to sleep since Thursday night! I’ll pass out sometime …

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Do they still teach kids to write in Cursive?

Well, the title pretty much says it all… do they? I recall (as will most of you, I think) an entire year of Elementary School (3rd Grade if I’m not mistaken) where everything I wrote HAD to be in cursive. I remember them teaching us all the little curly swirly letters, and being instructed to …

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