Monthly Archives: January, 2011

I Hate Nancy Grace : And Here’s Why You Should Too

I know we’ve entered this new age of civility where I’m not supposed to say I hate somebody just because I disagree with them. Let me be clear… there are plenty of people with whom I disagree, that I do not hate. In fact, I love some of these people as friends and brothers. There …

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Favorites That Don’t Usually Get Favorited

We’re all painfully familiar with “Top [ insert arbitrary number between 3 and 20 here ] Favorite [ insert arbitrary non-offensive thing you can list ]” Lists. The truth is…We like these lists! Whether we enjoy agreeing or disagreeing with them doesn’t matter. We read them, in part because they’re EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE! Every magazine, websites and…well, …

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Fluid Dynamics and Happiness

Lunch used to be a simple affair for me, as I assume it was for most people. A Balogna sandwich (or “Baloney” depending on which store brand you used), a slice of American style cheese product (Kraft Singles if you bought name brand), slathered in Miracle Whip (we got that tangy zip in my house, …

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